Our History

Since 2008, HMG (Memphis, TN) has served both farmers and individual investors in the Agricultural Commodities market.

We founded HMG on Crop Marketing and Commodity Risk Management services, and expanded our operational structure to include specialized, full-service trading in agricultural commodities.

We’ve guided farmers transitioning to new crops, most notably from cotton to soybeans and corn in the Southeastern U.S., and enabled these clients to adapt to and benefit from ever-shifting market conditions.

For individual investors trading in commodities and futures, we’ve provided the benefit of an in-depth understanding of the supply/demand dynamics impacting market changes and price volatility.

Notably, for all of our clients, our goals remain the return of profits and the mitigation of risk.

Our Strategy

Fundamentally, we maintain a conservative outlook vis-à-vis the agricultural commodities market and embrace a disciplined trading strategy as a result.

Specifically, we manage trading accounts for both farmers and investors seeking to take advantage of market volatility.

Our trading vision springs from the analysis of the worldwide supply/demand fundamentals affecting commodities. Generating data to understand current conditions and forecast trends, we align this knowledge with commodities and futures prices to the benefit of our clients.

For investors looking for portfolio diversification, we have developed the Individual  Investor Account.  This client-centric vehicle is extremely liquid and growth focused. Within this structure,the account participates in  a series of short and long term options. This approach, ideally, positions our clients to profit in both bull and bear markets.  If you’re an investor looking for diversification with growth, this is the account for you.