Crop Marketing
We advise our clients on how to best price their crops at various times during the marketing year, based on the client’s individual needs. Using a set of goals we’ve defined with each client, we consult on planting intentions, construct pricing strategies, and execute relevant tactics in an effort to meet benchmarks and generate profits.

Commodity Risk Management
Whether it’s a client-driven or commodity-specific strategy, we help clients understand and manage the risks of the agricultural commodities market. From multiple-market solutions to hedging strategies, our experts focus on mitigating the risks of unforeseen circumstances and protecting against volatility to achieve desirable outcomes in both the short and long term.

Brokerage Services
For individual investors seeking to profit in the commodities market, we maintain a full-service trading desk. We trade in options, craft hedging solutions, and specialize in developing individual investment strategies to fit specific goals. We understand that not everyone has the same tolerance for risk.  HMG works with each client to tailor an approach that is unique to their situation.